Everything Starts Somewhere – Dev Blog Pt. 1

(Current artwork is concept art only and not official artwork for the game)

Hello, my name is Michael Vallier II, creator of Dystopia: The End is Here.

Development on Dystopia started back in 2011 when I was introduced to the many worlds of role-playing. Yes I was new to role-playing but with a natural creative mind and an aspiration for game design, I kept imagining different rules and mechanics. Now Dystopia is not a “Zombie” game, but it started out as one; maybe because of my addiction to all things zombie.

So at first I wanted to just slightly adjust some of the rules of a system we were using but set this in a modern post-apocalypse setting and bring zombies into the mix, for the sole purpose of playing with my group. I did so and we had one successful test session but I was unable to put much more time into it

Fast forward to the fall of 2015, I started collaborating with our group’s GM Sascha, who has over 20 years experience GM’ing many different systems, to create a completely new system and call it our own. So as a new partnership, we dissected my core mechanic ideas and created a solid foundation to build the system upon. We have been testing Dystopia with our group and look forward to beta testing with other groups soon.

With an over saturated market of survival horror, zombies and post apocalyptic homebrew games, it was absolutely necessary from the beginning that we make sure Dystopia is unique and stands out among the others. Some of our unique mechanics, in no particular order include:

  • Modular Theme Design
  • Abilities/Attributes
  • Skills and Skill Improvement
  • Streamlined Character Creation
  • Combat System
  • Wounds and Healing
  • Item Crafting/Modifications
  • Strong Community-based Content

I will discuss each of these and more in future posts.

Until then, please sign up to our mailing list and follow us on Twitter at @theRealDystopia. Thanks for reading!